Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Open Your Eyes ...Inside


They traveled through time for eternity..
Not realizing why, only knowing they should..
They carried with them lifetimes..
Endlessly they wandered thinking only of the present..
Their time seemed endless but it was but a moment
of their true span..
Not unlike drops of water in a rushing river they traveled,
flowing within and without one another..
Unlike sand in an hourglass their movement never ceases..
Unseen to themselves, traveling without reason they were not..
A greater end justified their means..
Following an inner light..
They had no need for forgiveness, for it was their's to give..
Treasures within..
Destiny was not their's, they were destiny's..
Slowly they crawled toward the light, blind..
Seemingly without wisdom they moved toward it..
Yearning for something they did not know and could not see..
Although an unlikely source, once inside they knew why..
They had labored so long and so hard..
It was not an end in and of itself, but a beginning..
So close your eyes and open them again on the inside..
..and don't be afraid.

Originally written in 1991
Jack Jawczak