Friday, July 27, 2012

Just for Today, I will let go of Worry

Just for Today, I will let go of WORRY

Worry is another form of very negative energy which is similar to fear.
Worry also saps away critical personal energy.
Worrying over things that are beyond our control is wasted energy.
Holding on to worry can cause physical symptoms and "dis"ease.

Often it is our own imaginations that create worries about things that have no
basis in what's true or real.
People often worry and agonize over things that never occur.
Worry serves no real purpose, you can't effect your future with worry.
Worry is similar to fear in that it can cause you to not take action,
or to not take chances in your life, causing you to miss out on valuable
opportunities and life lessons.
Bad things happen to good people all the time, and they are often major lessons
in our lives that help us grow as spiritual beings.
The only thing we truly have is this moment, the "now", we can't change the past
or effect the future with worry.

If you find yourself worrying and obsessing about something, first take any
constructive action you feel may help the situation, then release your worry
and replace it with trust and faith.

Try this sometime you find yourself holding on to worry.
Hold your hands in front of you palms up in the form of a bowl.
Imagine filling this bowl with your worries, all of them, they will fit.
Now crumple all your worries into a ball.
Now with the INTENTION of releasing your worries throw open your hands
toward the ground exhaling through your hands.
Now replace that space inside you with trust and faith.

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