Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just for Today, I will let go of Anger

Just for Today, I will let go of ANGER.

Anger is an extremely toxic emotion.
Anger effects not only the person feeling angry but the people around them.
Who doesn't know a person who always seems angry?
How do you feel when you're around an angry person?
How do you feel when you are angry?
Have you EVER felt good while you were angry?

We are only human and from time to time we all get angry.
The key is to let go and release that anger as soon as you can.
Holding on to anger lowers your vibration, releasing it will raise your vibration.
FORGIVING the source of your anger will raise your vibration higher still.
Holding on to the anger can lead to bitterness, hatred and "dis"ease.

The next time you get angry, or are around an angry person
or situation try this.
Remove your self from the person or situation as soon as you can.
Once away you literally wipe the angry/negative energy away.
While holding the INTENTION of wiping this angry energy off of your
"energetic" body, take your RIGHT hand palm facing you and starting at your
LEFT shoulder wipe down you left arm, across you navel area and through your
RIGHT hip/thigh area away from your body. Repeat this motion using your 
LEFT hand, starting at the RIGHT shoulder wiping down across and away from your body.
HOLD the INTENTION of wiping away this angry/negative energy.
Shake off your hands while INTENDING to release this energy toward the ground.
Try it some time, and tell me you don't feel better.

*From the original Japanese translation "Just for Today" can be interpreted
as "In the moment" or "Now".

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